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The Ivy

Once upon a time.. there was a couple who dreamed of finding a creative way to outsmart the evil wizard in which we have named, COVID 19. Thanks to a 1996 horse trailer and a year of hard work, the Ivy was born and the evil wizard was no longer an obstacle. Weddings, showers, festivals, and parties of all kinds were saved!

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Meet the Creators

The Ivy was founded by us, Jared and Amanda! In 2020, we watched many close friends and families cancel some of the most special events of one's life because of the pandemic. It seemed like the world was scrambling to find a way around the rules. Outdoor events started booming. This was our golden opportunity to bring back the good times and create a job we genuinely enjoyed doing, together.


So we researched and we researched until we finally came across a PERFECT rusty, two-horse pull trailer. Truthfully, we had no clue what we were getting ourselves into and over the course of a year, we wondered if we were absolutely out of our minds at least a (couple) dozen times. We had just welcomed our second son into the world and if we're being honest, the trailer become our third baby overnight. And what they say about raising kids is almost the same for renovated horse trailers....


We are deeply grateful for the amount of help we've had through this entire process. Without the help of our village, our trailer would probably look like it's still ready to pull some livestock. Everyone has put so much love into this beautiful business, that we know you will see it too if you choose to rent

The Ivy Mobile Bar!


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